For those of you who haven't already seen it, this is precious!



Congratulations to my friends Sarah and Jon on their new arrival! You can see pictures of Karin Joy here.


Personality types

According to the personality test I took the summer I worked at Ironwood, I'm an analytical. I ran across this website that lists the various names for the personality types. I though it was rather interesting reading; I'd never really thought of myself as the Eeyore or Ziggy type!


Gotta look out for punctuation.

Foxnews.com strikes again:
She lapsed into a comma and died three days later.



Something I hate: Textbooks that somehow get published before they are proofread.

Sure, the textbook that I was reading today was a first edition, and maybe there wasn't enough time to proofread it before it had to go to press. But is that really an excuse for using the word "breech" instead of "breach," or for consistently using the singular possessive rather than the plural possessive form of the word "auditor"? I can overlook the word "acounting" [sic] in a URL in a footnote a little more easily, but the sheer number of errors overall almost makes me wonder about the competence of the authors and/or the publisher.


The irony...

All my friends back in Greenville are allowed to walk on the grass this week.

When I got back to school here after spring break, I found a large area of grass roped off. We're not allowed to walk on it because they're doing something to get it ready for commencement.


Minimum wage

Articles like this make me want to get a degree in economics. Then I could study out the whole issue for myself and, because of actually having an economics degree, have some credibility when arguing that government-mandated price (wage) floors are harmful and, in a word, stupid.

Or maybe upon studying the issue I would find that the minimum wage is actually a good thing. I would be surprised, though, because it makes so much sense logically to say that the minimum wage is a really bad thing.


New links in the sidebar! (Updated!)

Please direct your attention to the sidebar, where you will find a link to points of view, the new blog of Andrew and Melanie Garland. Add it to your RSS feeds!

Updated 3/13/07: More friends with a new blog! Check out Jon and Sarah Abbott's site!


"Women Who Intimidate"

I ran across this article today. The title definitely piqued my interest--not because I see myself as intimidating, but because my mother has told me that I am. (At least, she used to--she seemed to think that's why my having dates was so rare!) And, to be perfectly honest, there are plenty of times when I want to be intimidating. I found it interesting that the author points out the difference between being competent/successful and being intimidating, and how the world tends to equate the two.


FOXNews.com Strikes Again

Headline: World's Largest Winemaker Ernest Gallo Dies at 97

Isn't it great how FOXNews.com continually undermines its credibility by posting poorly-worded (and frequently misspelled) headlines, articles, etc.?

Yes, I did go skim the article to see whether the deceased winemaker really was an exceptionally large fellow; the article does not say.

States I've Visited

create your own visited states map

I've been seeing these maps on Facebook, so I finally decided to post one of my own. I'm sure the lives of all my readers will be complete now that they know what states I have visited (or driven through, as the case may be).