I needed this today.



I never thought I would be writing a blog post about antacids, but here I am.

Sadly, Mylanta Gelcaps have been discontinued. My mother and I were both unable to find them in stores, so I finally emailed the company and they responded with the sad news.

Why is this such a tragic event? Because, to my knowledge, Mylanta Gelcaps were the only the only non-chewable, non-liquid antacid on the market: In other words, they were the only antacid that didn't actually make me feel more nauseated when I took them. No chalky texture, no vile fruity flavor.

I figure that if enough people complain, the company may consider reversing its decision to discontinue Mylanta Gelcaps. So here's a website that will allow you to email the company with your complaint. If you prefer, there's also a phone number.

Thanks in advance for helping to get my favorite antacid back on the market. ;-)