More from the WSJ

Excerpts from the only column that I read every day:

Not to Mention Guns and Religion
"In Tough Times, Americans Cling to Christmas Trees"--headline, Reuters, Dce. 18

Maybe the Embargo Is Working
"In 'Eat Local' Movement, Cuba Is Years Ahead"--headline, Reuters, Dec. 17

Can We Have the Sunroof and Heated Seats Instead?
"Car Bankruptcy Cited as Option by White House"--headline, New York Times, Dec. 19

Then It Ate His Homework
"Todd Stroger's Budget Assailed by Watchdog"--headline, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 19

They Need to Sell More Beer and Hot Dogs
"In Some N.B.A. Arenas, the Crowds Are Thin"--headline, New York Times, Dec. 19

Good News for Orlando Prey
"Massive Layoffs at Orlando Predators"--headline, Central Florida News 13 Web site (Orlando), Dec. 17

I guess I shouldn't be surprised....

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, there's an article on FoxNews.com about a woman in Florida who is upset about being disciplined by her church.

I was going to make some remarks, but this post says everything I wanted to say, only better.