Engagement announcement

For those of you who have somehow missed the news: I was engaged on Christmas Eve. The wedding will probably be in May or June of 2008. (We're hoping to set the date soon!)

I hope to send out an email with a picture or two to all my friends as soon as I have a chance. (I haven't really had enough time to do that yet!) If you want to receive the email and I don't have your email address, leave me a comment with your contact info.


Personality Tests!

It seems that several of my friends on Facebook (not to be confused with "Facebook friends") have been dabbling in personality tests recently. I always find personality profiles interesting, although I have tended to be a bit skeptical of them since one of my undergrad professors administered a "personality test" to our class: She had us choose which variety of Hershey's Miniature candy bar we preferred, and then described the personality supposedly corresponding to each candy bar; she had most of the class agreeing that the assessments were reasonably accurate before she told us that she had made up the entire thing.

I do recognize, though, that personality profiles can sometimes be helpful. When I worked at a camp during the summer of 2005, each staff member completed a personality profile at the beginning of the summer. Knowing people's personality types in advance was, at times, very helpful in understanding where they were coming from! (That personality profile had four types: Analytical, Driver, Expressive, and Amiable. I'm an Analytical.) Of course, personality profiles are limited by how well-worded the questions are and by how accurately an individual answers them; and, as I was warned at camp, personality types are not excuses for any particular behavior.

Anyway, I quickly completed a Jung Typology Test earlier today. Unfortunately, however, I failed to save my results, so I quickly repeated the test this evening. It seems as though I've had a slight personality change since this morning; originally, I was an INTJ. Now, however, I am an ISTJ (strength of preferences 89%, 1%, 100%, and 56%, respectively). The latter result puts me in company with such fictional characters as Eeyore and Puddleglum.

Which type am I really? I may take the test again and go with best two out of three... Really, parts of the description for each type describe me pretty accurately--those are probably the parts associated with I, T, and J, since I am neither strongly intuitive nor strongly sensing. (At least, I don't think I am. Let me know if your assessment of my personality is different.)


Free government service--entertainment!

I'm studying for my Accounting Information Systems exam, and I just ran across one of those great legislative acrostics, courtesy of our federal government: the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003--or, for short, the CAN-SPAM Act. Don't you wonder how long it took some poor soul (probably some underpaid, overworked intern) to come up with that gem?


Looks like I missed the excitement.

Here's the local newspaper article about WFU's winning the ACC championship football game. Be sure to check out the slide show!


How sad. (Sort of.)

Apparently my old work email account (from my undergrad campus job) has finally been disabled. I suppose it's about time it was, since I technically haven't worked at that job (other than filling in a bit the following semester) since May of 2005, and I haven't been in school there since December of 2005. Maybe they were holding out hope that I'd go back...?

Maybe now my friends who are still in school will stop accidentally sending emails to that account instead of to my current email address. I guess that's a good thing.