Pretty sure Grandma would shoot me.

Although I would love to try going home for Christmas with one of these.



I just discovered Google Scholar. And it looks like it might actually be helpful.

Compassionate conservatism

This is interesting.

(HT: SharperIron)


Countdown update!

40 days until Christmas!

I'm starting to celebrate early this year; usually, I wait until the day after Thanksgiving. But my roommate and I went to see The Santa Clause 3 last weekend, and since then I've started (occasionally) yielding to the temptation to pull out the Christmas CDs. The Christmas lights are still in a box, though--haven't had time to decorate!

Does this bother anyone else?

I haven't seen "Borat" and have no intention of doing so. However, I've seen several articles on various news sites about the movie. Does anyone else think that some of the tactics used during filming were a bit exploitative? (There are probably some people in the movie who deserved exactly what they got, but I feel particularly sorry for the poor Romanians who got paid $3-$4 for their part in the "documentary.")


My cell phone is alive!

This is a big answer to prayer: My cell phone works!

Here's the story, for those of you who care:

Short version: I "baptized" my phone on Sunday night. (By immersion. None of this sprinkling stuff!) The phone, miraculously, still works.

Long version: I answered my phone Sunday night while I was washing dishes. I foolishly decided to finish washing the dishes while I talked, and my phone fell into the dishwater. Thankfully, I was able to get the battery out before it short-circuited; I rinsed off the soap, took apart as much of the phone as I could, and let it dry for a couple of days. (I helped along the drying process by occasionally holding it in front of my hairdryer--on the cool setting!--and by setting it by the side of my computer that generates a warm breeze.) I put the phone back together last night, and, miraculously, it still works!

"Compartment Rich, Discernment Poor"

Holly Stratton has another great article on SharperIron.


South Carolina politics...

This certainly was convenient for Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer. How many times does somebody have the courtesy to wreck his or her vehicle right in front of a campaigning politician, allowing him to come to the rescue?

This, on the other hand, had to have been embarrassing for Gov. Mark Sanford. (And the story was on CNN's homepage earlier today. I have so many reasons to be proud to be a South Carolinian.)

(Note: I don't actually dislike Gov. Sanford. This incident was just too funny to not remark upon.)


East Coast earthquakes! (Part II)

Apparently there was another earthquake here Friday morning--magnitude 2.4 this time.


Countdown update...

50 days until Christmas!


Better than soaping the fountains...?

To my friends who are still at my alma mater: I have a suggestion for campus decorations for next Halloween--er, uh, Reformation Day!

(In defense of my current educational institution, I believe there was some sort of Halloween event for children in the community in the area that I photographed.)