Pretty sure Grandma would shoot me.

Although I would love to try going home for Christmas with one of these.


Joanna said...

I can see that you spend much time doing your class work with all the likns you've put up lately (=....or are you like Becca and these are results of a class well spent?

I'd do it if I knew that my dad would not rip out my tongue inadvertently while trying to remove the "pearcing".

Monica said...

That is just flat out awesome! :-) I think you should do it.

mel said...

Yeah, but I'm too cheap to spend the six bucks on it. Maybe some other year. (Although it would be really funny, because my grandmother was convinced that I was choosing not to go to grad school at BJU because I wanted to get far away from home and rebel against everything I've ever been taught... I'd feel bad if I caused her another heart attack, though!)

Becca said...


And I don't know what you're talking about, Joanna. :-)