If you live in Greenville--read this!

Interesting article by Joel Tetreau on NeoFundamentalist.

He brings up a fact that has always bothered me--that Greenville is full of people who have graduated from BJU and are just living there and warming a spot on a pew on Sundays and Wednesdays. (I do realize that not everyone in Greenville is like that, but I suspect there are quite a few who are!) Sure, living in Greenville (or somewhere not too far away) is comfortable, but have you ever thought that perhaps you could be more useful somewhere else?

By way of example, I once visited a church on the west coast that paid an unsaved teenage girl to come play the piano for their services because they had no one in the church who could do it. How many pianists are there in Greenville who never do anything with their talent?

Obviously, if you believe it's the Lord's will for you to stay in Greenville, stay there! But do more than just fill a spot on a pew.

Rainy days and Mondays...

It's raining today. And apparently there's a metal gutter or something outside the classroom that I'm in right now, because I can hear water dripping on it at the rate of approximately 2.5 drops per second.

Chinese water torture, anyone?


Frittering Away

Allow me to follow Becca's lead by directing your attention to Frittering Away. Now that school has begun again, things have really picked up over there. (Apparently, law and business school professors are very quotable people!) Joanna is contributing comments about her elementary students, and Monica is, well, I'm sure she's planning to post something there eventually. :)


118 days until Christmas!

(Just in case anyone was wondering.)


Was that a hint?

McCain: I'd Consider Bob Jones University Invitation

Inciting jealousy

I just thought that those of my friends still in "the bubble" would like to know that I'm sitting in the school library wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and sandals.

And I had the blessing of a rather strong coffee aroma in my 10:00 class--much better than the typical "bubble" combination of musty building, aftershave, and body odor! ;-)



My statistics teacher thought I was brilliant. I tried to tell him that I never had a clue what was going on in his class, but he wouldn't believe me.

So, can anyone tell me what a "p-value" is? Or how about "R Square"?

And I thought all that stuff they made us take as undergrads was irrelevant to life. (Well, actually, I suspect that a lot of it was irrelevant to life. But some of it seems to be relevant to grad school.)

News Flash!

There was something interesting on C-SPAN today.


I just got a compliment that I'd never received before: "You're a cute weasel."


Public Service Announcement, 8/22/06

Seemingly leak-proof water bottles are no longer leak-proof if the bottle's lid opens while in one's book bag.


Public Service Announcement 2

After having driven more than 600 miles since last Friday, with most of those miles on interstate highways, I would like to remind the general public that the left lane is the passing lane. If you are driving in the left lane and notice traffic passing you on the right, perhaps you should stop and think about your position on the road, and then move over.

Is this just a southern thing, or are there idiots everywhere?

Public Service Announcement

Soy yogurt is gross.

Not that!!!

"Church Says Women Shouldn't Teach Sunday School Classes To Men, Cites Bible"

I'm back!

Well, sort of, anyway. I have a computer now, but it needs some more work done to it before it's really up and running.

In case anyone was concerned, if I purchased all my textbooks at the university's bookstore, the total would come to $755.75. (My roommate spent more than that, though, so I can't complain too much!) And my brother was complaining about spending $250... sheesh, those undergrads... ;-)

Well, back to online textbook shopping...


Moving day!

Lord willing, I'll be moving to my new apartment later today and starting classes next week. For any of you who already have my contact info, the phone number and email address are staying the same. Obviously, my address will be changing; for those of you who are just dying to know my new address, drop me a line.

Of course, you probably won't be hearing from me much on the blog for a while (I may be without regular internet access for a while), but I'm sure you'll all survive.

Now, back to packing...


If you don't hear from me for a while...

... it's because I'm moving in 12 days, Lord willing. I'm still trying to figure out health insurance, student loans, etc. And my parents seem to think that I ought to begin packing sometime soon. (For the record, I'm not packing up everything I own--just the stuff that I may actually need at school. And my mom and I have already taken two carloads of stuff to my new apartment.)

Since I'm not planning on having much time to post for a while (i.e., the next 18 to 24 months), I've added some links to the sidebar for your entertainment and/or your edification. Have fun, and maybe I'll communicate with you all again someday! =)