If you live in Greenville--read this!

Interesting article by Joel Tetreau on NeoFundamentalist.

He brings up a fact that has always bothered me--that Greenville is full of people who have graduated from BJU and are just living there and warming a spot on a pew on Sundays and Wednesdays. (I do realize that not everyone in Greenville is like that, but I suspect there are quite a few who are!) Sure, living in Greenville (or somewhere not too far away) is comfortable, but have you ever thought that perhaps you could be more useful somewhere else?

By way of example, I once visited a church on the west coast that paid an unsaved teenage girl to come play the piano for their services because they had no one in the church who could do it. How many pianists are there in Greenville who never do anything with their talent?

Obviously, if you believe it's the Lord's will for you to stay in Greenville, stay there! But do more than just fill a spot on a pew.


Joanna said...

Let me add a harty AMEN to that!! I wrote a paper on the same subject for Biblical Church Ministry with McAllister. It was great - got an "A".

Monica said...

That's a great post! And a much needed message.

Becca said...

Wait, but isn't there something more spiritual about living in Greenmeccaville? At the very least you save on travel expenses for the annual Bible Conference pilgrimage.