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The "Best of the Web Today"

A Break for Obama
"Clinton Woman Jailed for Allegedly Using Stolen Credit Card to Pay Court Costs"--headline, Des Moines Register, April 13

We Blame Global Warming
"Israel Cools to Visit by Carter"--headline, Washington Times, April 13

Mrs. Perry Is None Too Pleased
"Sect Mothers Appeal to Texas Governor"--headline, Associated Press, April 13

This Relationship Is Progressing Nicely

"Truck Driver Takes Out Traffic Light"--headline, Times (Trenton, N.J.), Feb. 29

"Bedding Traffic Light in High Point"--headline, Furniture Today, April 11

Sounds as if He Needs to Get One
"Chronic NYC Subway Groper Could Get Life"--headline, Associated Press, April 14

'Hey, That's Kay and Steve!'
"Delaware County Couple Recognized at State Convention"--headline, New York State United Teachers Web site, April 11

Bill Is None Too Pleased Either
" 'Spanking' Bill Is Government Intrusion, Conservatives Warn"--headline, CNSNews.com, April 11

As Are People With Insurance
"People Without Insurance Are Dying"--headline, Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel, April 11

Kit Replies: 'You're Not Exactly 100% Wool Yourself'
"Suit Says Toy Kit Contains Asbestos"--headline, Reuters, April 13

Everyone's a Critic, Mate
"Australian Man Critical After Swallowing Hashish-Filled Condoms"--headline, FoxNews.com, April 12