Annoying, repulsive, or just sad?

I watched network news last night. I've gotten into the habit of reading news online, so I can choose what to ignore; but last night, I wanted to find out what was going on with Israel, so I watched... let's see... I think it was NBC. I'm not really sure, though, and it probably doesn't make a difference.

So, what was on the news last night? Well, obviously, the violence in the Middle East. And the next big story? Oh, no--oil prices are up and the stock market is down! People on the other side of the world are sleeping in bomb shelters, and Americans are worried about their wallets.

I think there was another story, something about the fires in California--which, admittedly, are a legitimate cause for concern. Then, the next big story.... drumroll, please.... a horse might die! Alas!

I'm thankful to live in a country where I'm not facing the constant threat of being hit by a missile, and where we have the luxury of having such pathetically ridiculous worries such as whether a horse we've never seen might die, and I'm not saying that I'm happy about spending $40+ to fill up my car's gas tank. But I still can't decide whether to be annoyed, disgusted, or just sad about the apparently skewed priorities of many of my fellow Americans.

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