I'm still here!

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted in a while. (Well, assuming that anybody actually reads my blog. I know; I shouldn't assume.)

Anyway, here's what I've been up to... I'm still working two jobs (only around 44 hours/week total, so it's not as bad as it sounds); trying to switch from short-term health insurance to something a little better (and, naturally, a little more expensive); selling my laptop; thinking about selling my car; looking for a new car; setting up pre-interviews for an internship that's still six months away; fighting spam filters at companies where I might like to do an internship; setting up a time to visit campus (three hours away from home) to go over my resume and learn the software to sign up for interviews; starting to get stuff ready to move; purchasing a DustBuster, iron, and bathroom scale; meeting with my future roommate to figure out logistics and what we still need for our rental condo; and balanced my checkbook... I've also managed to spend a day at Six Flags with friends (where I was ridiculed for my habit of picking up every coin I passed on the sidewalk--although I pointed out that what I picked up off the sidewalk exceeded the quarterly interest on my brick-and-mortar bank savings account) (oh, and the Crocs were great), get the worst heartburn of my entire life, put in an appearance at my old office, and do a little "wardrobe supplementation" (i.e., shopping--some articles in my "professional" wardrobe are beginning to look a bit worn). I've also purchased a papasan chair frame, although I'm still looking for a nice, medium-darkish neutral colored (khaki would be good) cushion for a reasonable price.

The summer reading list? Don't ask. Please.

I'd also like to give you a gardening update: I have sunflowers! Well, they haven't completely bloomed yet (as far as I can tell--they're a foot or two taller than I now), but they're working on it! I've picked one cucumber, several tomatoes, and some peas and green beans. I'd love to post some pictures, but I haven't gotten around to locating the USB port on my temporary computer yet... When I do, I may also post evidence that I really do not "have it all together," just in case any of you were still under the impression that I did.

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