Imprecatory prayer...?

I can't say that I've ever really had a desire to engage in imprecatory prayer--until today, when I read that the anti-gay "church" in Kansas planned to picket the funerals of those little Amish girls who were shot in their one-room schoolhouse. (Fortunately, they have now cancelled those plans--in exchange for free media time.)

That "church" really ticks me off. They, although they claim to be Christian, apparently have no real understanding of the gospel. Only God knows their hearts, but this is what their actions demonstrate.

The Bible is clear that homosexual behavior is a sin, and that God judges sin, but it does not call us to hate homosexuals; in fact, since Jesus Christ loved those who practice homosexuality (as well as those who commit every other sin--which includes all of us) enough to die for us while we were still sinners, shouldn't we be willing to demonstrate His love to everyone around us--homosexual or not? In fact, I suppose we also should be trying to demonstrate His love to the members of Westboro Baptist Church, and praying that they would come to know Christ.

I find it interesting to compare the spiteful response of this "church" group to their alleged slander by the governor of Pennsylvania to the forgiving response of the Amish to this tragedy in their community.

Praise God for the response of the Amish, which seems to demonstrate a true understanding of the gospel. And praise God for His willingness and ability to forgive us of our sins against Him, if we will repent and turn to Him in faith.


Becca said...

Also mind-boggling about this "church" is the utterly nonsensical connections they make between events. Let's see... war in foriegn countries, Amish kids in a school get shot... must be the gay people's fault! Now I'm a firm believer in the punishment of God, but they must be getting an "inside line" to be so sure about the causation there.

Monica said...

That just makes me sick to my stomach.