Inappropriately Located Alligator!

I received the following email today:
Recently, the University learned that an alligator, approximately two feet
in length, is in Lake _________ at [gardens near campus]. At the suggestion of _______ County Animal Control staff, the University has reported the alligator's presence to a non-profit organization that rescues reptiles and moves them to appropriate locations.

Meanwhile, the University Police department asks that people stay away from the alligator and report its exact location if anyone sees it. The number to call is _______ or _______.

The alligator was reported to University Police on August 31. Officers saw
the alligator on a log in the lake, near the lake's bank, and promptly
contacted _______ County Animal Control. That same day, county staff
recommended that the University ask ___ ____ Reptile Rescue to capture it.
Since that time, the rescue organization has attempted but failed to capture it. Efforts to remove the alligator will continue.

[University] News Service

For some reason, I find this entertaining.

No, I do not attend school in Florida or in any other state with which one typically associates the presence of rogue alligators.

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