University of Florida taser incident

Did anybody else look up the video on YouTube and very quickly arrive at the conclusion that the idiot deserved to be Tasered?

And it still didn't get him to quit whining.


Monica said...

I gotta disagree. Tasers are dangerous. People die after being hit with them, and this guy wasn't doing anything that was nearly bad enough to be tasered for it. He was being obnoxious and juvenile, but he wasn't a danger to himself or to anyone around him. He wasn't hitting anyone or threatening anyone. There are levels of force for a reason, and this guy did nothing put him reasonably within range of the use of a taser. And they only tasered him after he was on the ground underneath five cops, for crying out loud!!! You can't go tasering everyone that struggles when you try to put the cuffs on them. The cops were way out of line on this one.

mel said...

Not "deserved" as in "I think the cops clearly used an appropriate amount of force," but "deserved" as in "it was really, really satisfying to hear him scream like a girl." Probably not the most sanctified response, but it was my knee-jerk reaction. ;)

As to whether the cops used appropriate force--well, I'm not willing to base my opinion on one low-quality YouTube clip in which the student was obscured from view when he was tasered. :)