It followed me home! Can I keep it?

No wonder they couldn't find it....

It appears that a search is completed for a two-foot-long alligator that had been seen recently in a pond on the [near campus] estate.

A two-foot-long alligator found at the University's _______ International Conference Center has been turned over to ___ ____ Reptile Rescue, a non-profit organization.

The University News Service distributed an e-mail Wednesday afternoon reporting that an alligator had been spotted on the estate and that ___ ____ Reptile Rescue was trying to locate and capture it. The e-mail prompted a [conference center] employee to inform the University that he had caught a small alligator last Sunday after it crossed ________ Road and walked onto the [conference center] property. Unaware that the University was looking for it, the employee had taken the alligator home and was attempting to find an appropriate organization to take it.

After hearing from the employee late Wednesday, University Police contacted ___ ____ Reptile Rescue. The employee gave the alligator to a representative of the organization. The organization will relocate the alligator in an appropriate setting.

[University] News Service

I'm sure that taking it home would be my first impulse!

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