Gardening Update

Surprisingly, my tomato plant is still surviving in its plastic pot on the back porch. It blew over in a thunderstorm a couple weeks ago and the main stalk broke a bit, but my mom put a stake in the pot and tied the plant to it. It's been really wilted since then, but it's still alive. Look--it even has tomatoes on it!

My sunflowers decided to get tall! They're all around a foot tall right now (yes, that's a ruler propped up next to one). I'm hoping that they'll shade my peas a bit, since the peas don't like hot weather. (I planted the peas too late, but so far they're doing all right.)

And finally, a shot of the entire garden. The sunflowers are the tall plants on the left. The peas are in the middle, and the 2 1/2 rows of green beans are on the right. Five of the approximately 50 cucumber seeds that I planted have sprouted now; they're in the back of the garden, near the one really bright spot in the photo.

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Joanna said...

thats ok - I want in on the old one though...it's good to be back (=