My Best Friend's Wedding...

...was this afternoon. Everyone survived, as far as I know. =) If I can figure out a way (the groom's sister says she thinks it might be possible) to post pictures and have them password-protected, I'll put a few up here. I'm not too crazy about putting pics on the web for every creep out there to see, though, so you may have to do without seeing them. Sorry.

Has anyone out there ever signed up for eHarmony? I filled out the free personality profile the other day just to see what it was like. I was surprised when I checked my "junk email" account a few days later and found that five guys wanted to contact me! I went and deleted my account, because I'm not yet to the point where I'm willing to pay a person or organization to find me dates--I'd really just filled it out to see what it was like. =)

My brother survived his first week of being a summer camp counselor. I haven't heard too much about his week yet, other than that his campers threatened to shave his legs... (Hmm, I wonder if he'll kill me for posting that???)

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