God provides again...

I came home after work last night and found a copy of The MacArthur LifeWorks Library CD-ROM lying on top of my computer. Someone gave it to my dad, and he thought I might enjoy using it.

It has a ton of stuff on it, including--the MacArthur Study Bible! Unfortunately, I don't think it's the NASB version, but I suppose I can live with that. =) I'd been thinking about buying either a MacArthur Study Bible or a Reformation Study Bible, but I keep feeling guilty when I spend money since I really ought to be saving every penny I can for school expenses... but the Lord provided me with a study Bible, for free! (And I hadn't even prayed about it...) :-/

Hopefully I'll find time (between filling out loan applications and figuring out all the various types of insurance I need, and working as much as I can) to try out the CD-ROM soon. (I took Step 1 tonight--extricating the CD from the box. I hope that actually using the CD-ROM will have a more positive impact on my sanctification than wrestling with its packaging did!)

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