A couple weeks ago, I posted remarks on people who consistently drive in the left (i.e., passing) lane on highways.

Today, I began to suspect that those left-lane drivers are also Saturday-afternoon Wal-Mart shoppers.

You know the ones I mean--the shoppers who manage to, with a single cart, block three aisles simultaneously. And, like Visa, they're "everywhere you want to be."

I'm also convinced that I saw a left-lane-20-mph-under-the-speed-limit driver at Wal-Mart; she was the woman who was at the photo center, hogging the only scanner (and, incidentally, the only place to print photos from a USB drive) while she printed out a large stack of photos. Oh, and she was editing each individual photo, too--and taking her time about it. When I walked up, the other people waiting in line had just given up and were walking off. I waited about five minutes and left to do the rest of my shopping. I came back 25 minutes later, and the woman was still there.

I didn't print my pictures.

But I did buy ice cream.

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Becca said...

Ice cream was invented as an agent of social control to provide a less destructive outlet for days like that. I engage in it regularly.