I wanted to let the general public know that I just spent $6.40 on photocopies.

Why did I feel compelled to make such liberal use of the copier in the campus library, you ask? Well, it was because I am still waiting for the Business Law textbook that I ordered from www.ecampus.com (at 7:24:41 p.m. on August 21) to arrive, and I thought I should start catching up on reading while I'm only four chapters behind.

To be fair to them, they at least let me know (on the last possible day the book was supposed to ship) that they were still waiting for their supplier to get the book to their shipping facility. And I can't complain too much, because the book, assuming it actually shows up, is costing me around $50 less than it would if I bought it in the bookstore on campus. I just hope it shows up before I spend that $50 (along with quite a bit of time) on the copier!

Oh, I emailed the website about this order, and they actually sent me a response within two days. But I replied to that email with another question on September 3, and have yet to hear back. I know there was a long weekend there, so we'll see when they get back to me. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Updated, 9:12 PM: I just received notification from ecampus.com that the book I ordered after the Business Law book has not yet arrived at their shipping facility. That's actually good; that gives me a chance to email them a second time telling them to cancel the order. Hope they get the message this time!

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