Apparently, Gov. Mark Sanford is to blame for Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer's lead foot.

It makes perfect sense. If a government official isn't given a driver/security detail, he obviously has no choice but to drive at excessive rates of speed. (78 in a 65 isn't so bad, but 101 is, IMO, a bit of a problem...)


Monica said...

That's absurd. There's no way that he needed to be driving 101. I can understand the 77-78, but 101?!? That's a menace to society, and he absolutely should have been ticketed.

mel said...


My favorite quotation from the articles to which I linked was from a Sanford spokesman (on whether the lt. gov. needs a personal driver):

"It shouldn't cost the taxpayers $64,000 to keep the lieutenant governor's speedometer in double digits."