Taxes and upset stomachs

I'm in the middle of doing my parents' taxes, and am being interrupted rather frequently by my brother, who is doing his taxes and has questions. (I guess I'm the expert, since I photocopy tax returns for approximately 25 hours/week. Oh, and I took a tax class once.) :)

I'd been feeling a little guilty for being at camp this past weekend, since I missed the family party for my great-grandmother's 90th birthday. (In my defense, I will say that the party was originally scheduled for yesterday evening, but was rescheduled after I'd committed to work at camp for the weekend.) Now, I'm feeling relieved that I wasn't there. Why? Out of the 8 family members there, 4 (so far, that I know of) have come down with a nasty stomach bug. (The doctor said it's not food poisoning.) Fortunately, none of my immediate family has gotten sick yet, but I suppose it's still possible--especially since my mom spent today dropping off ginger ale, medicines, etc. at my grandparents' and aunt's home. My great-aunt also got sick today. Pray for her especially--she's in a nursing program, and if she misses even 1 day of class she won't be allowed to continue.

And pray that nobody else will get sick!

Oh, and a praise--my car is fixed. It cost a pretty good chunk of change, but at least it's running smoothly now... I was starting to worry about whether I'd need to buy a new car before grad school! (I guess if my current car keeps up its pattern of needing fairly significant repairs every 3 months, I'll have to.)

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