Quote of the Day

From SharperIron:

The minute my loyalty to any movement obligates me to be aligned with someone whose teaching or personal life is an embarrassment to the gospel, I'm no longer a conscientious fundamentalist—right? Whenever I am forced by the protocol or politics of any movement to defend something that is indefensible, I have ceased practicing fundamentalism. Whenever I have to kowtow to someone else's list of dos and don'ts in violation of my own conscience, I have forfeited the integrity of the fundamentalist principle. If I ever have to stifle valid, weighty, and biblical concerns about someone's doctrine or practice just because that person has clout in the movement, I am instantly set at odds with authentic, historic fundamentalist principles.

--Phil Johnson in Dead Right, Part 2: Taking a Second Look at Fundamentalism

I don't know if any comments on my part are necessary. But I'll make one anyway and let you draw your own conclusions: This statement by Johnson made me think of chapel. (That is, certain chapel messages, as well as the occasional exhortations not to criticize God's messengers.)


Becca said...

It strikes me that a lot of things people choose to distinguish "Fundamentalism" aren't actually very "fundamental." Am I alone on this?

mel said...


It seems like we have a dictionary definition of "Fundamentalism" as well as a practical definition... or maybe it's more like a theological definition versus a cultural definition?