Cat food...

I went to check on my garden tonight (yes, I planted a vegetable garden! Now to see if anything will actually grow, seeing as the soil is more rocks than dirt) and, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a frog hop away from me through the too-long grass of the backyard.

I looked more closely, and realized that it was not a frog but a small bird. I think it was a baby, just a bit too young to be out of its nest. What I thought was hopping was actually its attempts at flight. It could barely get off the ground, and could relocate by only a foot or two.

Yes, I'm afraid the poor little thing is going to become dinner tonight.


Monica said...

Mel! That's awful. I can't believe you didn't pick it up and feed it until it could make it on its own.

Becca said...

Gross. You have a sick, sick mind. I prefer not to think of baby birds as part of the "circle of life."