Jury "consultants"?

Interesting article in the April 2006 issue of Reader's Digest on "stacking" juries. It's the "That's Outrageous" feature, and it begins on page 41.

A quotation:

A recent guide published by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America warned lawyers about jurors who may show "personal responsibility bias." These jurors, the guide said, feel that "people must be accountable for their conduct." Now there's a chilling outlook! The guide advises: "The only solution is to exclude them from the jury." That is, get rid of anyone who might actually care about seeing justice done.

Obviously, the author doesn't mask his feelings on the issue. :) But he makes some interesting points. So, my "legal nerd" friends, what do you think? Does the jury system need reforming?

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Monica said...

Well, if you can take people off the jury for not thinking that people should be responsible for their own actions, I guess it's only fair to take people off for a responsibility complex too.