I graduate from college Saturday, and I still don't really care. And I feel a bit guilty about it.

I guess it's because I finished classes in December--and that, I did care about. A lot. I could have told you last June how many days I had until I reached that milestone.

But unfortunately, my university doesn't award degrees in December, so I don't officially graduate until Saturday. I really thought about just having the school mail me my diploma, but I suspect that, a decade or two down the road, I'd regret not making the trip to campus to graduate. Besides, certain family members would probably be disappointed if I didn't participate in the ceremony.

It's been funny, though; you know how I said I was counting down the days until I finished classes? Well, last week I thought, "Isn't graduation soon? I guess I ought to look at my schedule and find out when I'm supposed to show up for rehearsal and stuff like that."

And just tonight I realized that I ought to lose five pounds and get my face cleared up before all the photo ops after the ceremony. And also, I haven't the slightest idea where either my digital or my "archaic" camera is, and I probably have neither batteries or film. I guess I ought to look into that...

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