How does your garden grow?

I've planted a little vegetable garden in the rocky soil of my backyard! I decided to try to grow some green beans to freeze and take to school with me. (I need some encouragement to eat my veggies sometimes; having some that I've grown and frozen myself might do the trick!)

I ended up planting green beans, peas, cucumbers, and sunflowers in the garden, and a tomato plant in a big pot on the back porch. I don't expect the peas to do well because I planted them too late (they don't like hot weather), and the sunflowers are an experiment--I tried them once
before, when I was a kid, and they never even sprouted. But my mom got a package of seeds for free as a gift with her purchase of two dresses at Dress Barn, so I figured, why not? They've already sprouted, as you can see in the first picture. Maybe I'll be able to add sunflower seeds to my diet in the fall!

This is my tomato plant. I'm surprised I haven't killed it yet by forgetting to water it. As you can see, it's already blossoming.

To the right is a picture of my little green bean plants. Aren't they cute? This picture was taken last Saturday; they're probably taller now. (I haven't gone to look at them since Saturday. I think there's something wrong with my nurturing instinct.)

I'm tentatively planning on chronicling my garden's life (however brief it may be!) on my blog. Stay tuned! (Yeah, I can tell all 2 of my faithful readers are about to burst with excitement. Try to contain yourselves.)


Becca said...

I want some green beans....

The GGG Man said...

joy and excitement