Duke Power

People are a great source of entertainment, although at times their stupidity is more irritating than entertaining.

The outcry over Duke Power's alleged poor response to the massive power outage resulting from last week's ice storm is an example of this. I am sorry for those who still have no power a week after the storm, but do people really think that Duke Power is intentionally prolonging the situation? There is no logical reason to believe that. How is Duke profiting from the delays in restoring power? Wait, I know--all businesses love negative publicity, right? Besides, Duke is probably enjoying the decreased revenue that must result from customers' not being able to consume their product.

The Greenville News, our favorite left-leaning local newspaper, is asking residents to log onto its website and report whether power has been restored to their homes, their neighborhoods, etc. I suppose that racism will be the next accusation hurled at Duke Power. (I.e., are minority neighborhoods being left in the dark longer than white neighborhoods?)

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