Here's your sign!

Have you read the e-mail that suggests that stupid people wear a sign so the rest of us will know to expect less-than-average intelligence from them? Well...

...I started working my first retail job about a month ago. The store at which I work closes at 7 p.m. We put the gate at our mall entrance down shortly after 7 and latched it after our last customer left around 7:20. I was cleaning near the front of the store about five minutes later when I heard the gate rattle and looked up to see a couple standing outside, holding a gift box that, presumably, contained an item which they wished to return. "Are you closed?" they asked. No, I thought. We thought that having a gate pulled across the front entrance would really add to the atmosphere of the store and enhance your shopping experience.

The same thing happened with a different person a few minutes later. One of my coworkers got to deal with that one.

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The GGG Man said...

"Here's your sign..."