Five more days!

In just 5 days, I will be a college graduate. (OK, so I don't get the diploma until May, but still... I will have earned it in 5 days! Assuming I pass my required classes, that is.)

Today (well, yesterday now) was my last day of classes as an undergraduate. It's just exams left.

Just to prove what a superficial person I really am, I think I'll list a few things I'm really looking forward to:
  • Wearing jeans in public places (other than ski resorts, ice-skating rinks, rivers, and stables)
  • Wearing flip-flops in public places (in a few months) :-)
  • Wearing sandals without hose to church on Sundays (again, in a few months)
  • Wearing sleeveless attire when it's hot outside
  • Worrying about whether my clothing is modest and appropriate rather than whether it meets the dress code
  • Feeling a little more free to express my views on certain issues without fear of repercussions
  • No longer having that nagging little worry in the back of my mind that something I do or say will be misinterpreted, or that I will thoughtlessly do something stupid, and end up being kicked out
Hmm... do I dare tempt fate by publishing this post with only 5 days of my undergraduate academic career remaining? I think I shall... apparently all the foolishness has not yet been beaten out of me...

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The Potentate said...

You mean I'm not the only one with views contrary to popular campus opinion?