My first post!

My brother's blog is set up to allow comments only from those who have blogger accounts--so in order to torment him by leaving sarcastic remarks on his blog, I have been forced to get a blogger account. And since I was signing up for an account, I figured I may as well start a blog, too. All important people have blogs, right? :)

Besides, I need a wider variety of activities on which to waste my time. Surfing other people's blogs gets old after a while.

It took me a while to come up with what I thought was an appropriate title. I didn't want to try to be funny, because undoubtedly I would be the only one amused by my "funny" title. I also wanted to be sure to choose something that I wouldn't become tired of.

I decided on "Chosen by Grace." It reflects a truth that God has been impressing on my mind and heart in recent years--that I can do nothing apart from Him. Were it not for His grace, I would have never even sought Him. And His grace isn't just for salvation--it's for living the Christian life as well.


Mikhail said...

"I will post this info no sooner than Dec 15"

LOL! Priceless...

mel said...

Thanks. :)

I don't think anything I would list is terribly offensive, but with only 11 days left (and in light of recent administrative e-mails) I prefer not to take any chances!