Exciting new feature!

Those of you who know me well (or not so well) probably know of my "quote book" habit. (And yes, I know that technically it's incorrect to refer to a quotation as a "quote," but we'll try to get over that, won't we?)

I've decided to start posting some of my quote book material here and on Frittering Away.
The quotes on Frittering Away will generally be more positive than the quotes here (since Monica suggested instituting "a rule against anything smacking of cynicism").


Monica said...

Cool! I used to write memorable quotes down in my day planner. Maybe I can find that...

I kinda feel like I should explain my comment about cynicism. It's not that I don't ever indulge (probably too much), but it's just that it would be so easy to turn Frittering Away into a bashing party because there are so many things to bash on. And it's just not productive. We all have horror stories, but we're not changing anything by griping about them publicly, and we probably hurt the Christian testimony at large by doing it. Ya know? Besides, who would ever come read out blog if it was a bash party all the time? What a downer.

Becca said...

I love that book! It's the greatest idea ever! I even got in it a few times (mostly for cynical comments).

mel said...

Thanks, Becca... I wish I could take credit for it, but it was all Deb's idea. :)

Monica, I do agree with your "rule" and the reasoning behind it. And I do indulge in cynicism too much, although I've really been trying to work on not gossiping and not being negative... But my quote books have so many quotes that could be considered "cynical" that I can't pass all of them up! ;) I do, however, plan on keeping names and other details of the situations off my blog so I can (I hope!) avoid gossiping or publicly criticizing others.

But if I do let it turn into a "bashing party," I expect somebody to confront me! :)