Friday, I had my first experience with a recruiting event. I traveled 3 hours to the town where, Lord willing, I will be moving in August for school.

The agenda for the day included a luncheon with representatives from the firms that are starting to recruit for next January's internships, and then, all afternoon, meeting in small groups with each firm.

I didn't realize how tiring it would be to just talk to people for three hours, but by the time it was over, everyone looked as exhausted as I felt. Contributing to the exhaustion were the "gifts" that the firms were giving to all of us recruitees.

For your information/entertainment, and for my future reference, I'm posting some pictures of and comments about the "goodies" from each company. I want to note that I am grateful to each company for taking the time to meet with us and for the gifts they gave us; I don't want to come across as criticizing any one firm, but I hope that my comments will be helpful to any readers who, in the future, will be the ones choosing the stuff to give to recruitees on college campuses.

The loot:
This is all the "stuff" (except the KPMG t-shirt). I didn't bother to photograph the printed information that each company gave or, in most cases, the bags in which the "stuff" was given. (I did very much appreciate those companies that provided some sort of bag for the items they gave us; and I was very thankful that I visited one of those displays early in the afternoon!)

A nice pen from Navigant Consulting. (Only one person from Navigant came; the rest had their flights cancelled. The guy who came didn't even know how to put the display together; he also didn't have most of the stuff that he was supposed to have. I thought he handled the situation quite well, all things considered.)

Some skinny Post-Its and some candy from Merrill Lynch. Thanks to the ML rep for having chairs at the display! I have to admit that I didn't really hear much of what she said; it was late in the day, and I'm not particularly interested in the lines of work at her company. But she was nice, and strongly encouraged us to take some candy so she wouldn't have to eat it!

Plastic cup, drink insulator, highlighter, and gum from Wachovia. (There may have been candy in the cup as well; it got mixed up before I took a good look at the contents of the cup.) Nothing terribly exciting here, but they were nice.

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