What I'm Doing Right Now

I'm using my mom's Homedics foot spa to try to help my feet survive tax season--standing at a photocopier 20-30 hours/week while preparing materials for mailing...

The foot spa has options for a "massage" (i.e., it vibrates) and/or "heat" (it allegedly maintains the temperature of warm water--I'm not convinced that this feature works as promised).

While pampering my feet, I've been catching up on e-mail, doing a bit of blogging, and listening to the Carpenters' CD "Interpretations." (I like it better when I don't listen to the lyrics too closely. Some of them are a bit startling to a person who has grown up in "the bubble.")

I'm about to attempt to transport the foot spa from my room to the bathroom for emptying into the bathtub. I'm hoping to avoid spilling the water on the journey. (Yeah, it's probably about 15 feet away. But I'm a klutz. Or however you spell that.)

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