This is an interesting suggestion regarding the immigration issue.

(HT: to the blog commentor who left a link to the article. Sorry, I don't remember where I found the link.)


Bret said...

yeah, apparently ambient sounds make it load really slowly. good luck with the internship!

i had a dream about BJU last night (i have those a lot). I dreamt that chapel had become too much of a liability because speakers were live, so they started showing only videos and the faculty didn't attend, so the room was chaos. it was weird... especially since i think the video was aerobics or something.

Becca said...

Woah... Interesting. Thanks for the link. Though I was a little puzzled by the author's comment about "Mexican political culture" taking over the Southern states. If the immigrants are trying to get AWAY from that when they come here, why does it logically follow that they will reproduce it here?