Recruiting! (concluded)

Last but not least, the Big 4...

Deloitte wins points for a cool water bottle. They also gave us a pen. And a nice plastic bag for carrying the stuff.

Another cool water bottle from Ernst & Young. (It's almost identical to the bottle I bought at Starbucks while on ministry team--just different colors and different companies.) E&Y didn't give us a bag, but they did fit everything into the bottle: the highlighter, the pen, both containers of Jelly Bellies (which were a bit tricky to extricate from the bottle), and their printed information (which was rolled up and protruding from the top of the bottle). Instead of giving us all a bazillion individual business cards, E&Y printed the names and contact info of each representative on a card, which was hole-punched and tied with a ribbon to the top of the bottle. Good thinking!

CD case from PricewaterhouseCoopers. Different from the usual gifts, which was nice. They also gave us a plastic cup. The gifts and some printed info were all in a bag.

KPMG's "big blue bag." I give them points for having a "goody bag" with a theme, encouraging us to "Think big with KPMG." The contents of the bag included a t-shirt (I've already given it to my mom, so it's not pictured here), Post-Its, a big blue pen, and a tube of lip balm. I'm excited about the lip stuff--I'm a Chapstick addict, so it's definitely something I'm going to use! I'm not convinced that t-shirts are a great idea for generic gift bags for a large (in number) group of people; my shirt was size large, which means I could almost wear it as a dress. ;) I assume that the same size shirt was put in each bag, which means that probably a lot of people were not able to wear it. (I suppose that the shirt was continuing the gift bag theme--it was big and blue!) I definitely liked the fact that the bag was labeled as being both big and blue. It made me smile.

Again, I appreciate all the companies (and the individuals) who made the recruiting event possible! Don't take any criticism personally... it's meant to be constructive. I promise.

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