Recruiting! (continued)

The Reznick Group was the last firm I met with. They had a pretty good set-up; three circles of chairs, so they could split our small groups into even smaller groups to talk with. One guy in particular seemed to take pride in his company's "goody bags." Reznick was one company that provided a nice shopping-type bag. Their gifts included a squishy die, a plastic cup, a spiral-bound notebook with a pen, a highlighter, and Post-Its.

BDO Seidman wins points for creativity and for keeping the typical college student's lifestyle (particularly his eating habits) in mind with their bag of microwave popcorn, labeled with the company's name. They also gave us a plastic water bottle, a pen/highlighter, Post-Its, mints, and something (bottle opener?) on a keychain.

Greer & Walker: Super-nice people, but I ended up walking away from their table with only printed information. Not that I think that's bad, but they did have a bit of other stuff there which nobody really encouraged me to take. I'm sure I'll get around to reading the company info eventually, but at this point all I've looked at is the "stuff" from the different recruiters; I'd almost forgotten about Greer & Walker. So, if you're a recruiter, it would probably be a good idea to strongly encourage recruitees to take at least one small item with your company's name on it. Honestly, I'm probably not going to use most of the stuff I got, but so far, it's helping me to remember the companies that gave it to me!

Edit: I almost forgot to mention one other company, SPX. (I forgot them because I have no "goodies" from them.) They have a really interesting program where they let people do "rotations" in finance/accounting. Each rotation lasts 6-9 months. Basically, it lets you get a feel for different jobs in the finance/accounting area, so you can see what you like best. I kind of like the concept.

Dixon Hughes wins points for the really nice water bottle, the "chip clip," and the metal clip that I wish I'd had at camp last summer. It was also nice of them to include a pen, a pencil, and a highlighter; that pretty much covers the average college student's writing needs. The foam drink insulator I really have no use for, because I don't drink anything that comes from a can. (Until they start selling canned water...)

Hughes Pittman Gupton: Way to get the name on your gift in a noticeable way! A coffee mug is probably something that just about anybody will use, and of course adding the candy is never a bad idea.

Grant Thornton scores big with a gift that nobody else was handing out: a card caddy set. I can now say that I'm "playing with a full deck"--two full decks, actually. (Unfortunately, the only card game I know at present is Solitaire. As soon as I get a chance, however, I plan to have my brother teach me poker.)

Although it's a fun gift, I have to wonder about the gambling association... taking unnecessary audit risks, perhaps? ;-) (I particularly wonder about this since one of the firm reps told me that, basically, the firm is Arthur Anderson with "a different sign on the door.") =)

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