Car trouble

I've decided that some aspects of being a "grown-up" are not particularly enjoyable--for example, being responsible for maintaining a car. (I much preferred driving a car my parents owned and having them pay for everything except gas!)

I was nearly to work this morning when I glanced down at the dashboard and saw a funny-shaped warning light that I'd never seen before; it just happened to be the engine temperature warning light (probably not its real name). The needle on the temperature gauge was all the way to the "H." I pulled over as soon as I could and turned the car off. I ended up making it to work (eventually), but I had to get my dad to come "rescue" me at the end of my shift. We filled the radiator with water and he got the car about halfway home. (It's now in my grandparents' driveway.) We're going back with some tools tonight to see if putting in a new thermostat will help. I hope it will, because, according to my dad, it's a relatively inexpensive repair.

This brings me to another aspect of adulthood which I'm not finding terribly enjoyable: finding a full-time job. I interviewed for an accounting internship almost three weeks ago, and should find out whether I got it in the next two or three days. That would be a huge answer to prayer. If I don't get it, then it's back to the drawing board, because working a part-time retail job doesn't bring in a whole lot of cash. I'd appreciate prayers about that, if any of you think about it. =) Thanks!

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