Job situation--again

I spent half my day today scouring the Internet for job/internship opportunities. I bookmarked a few pages to go back to later but didn't apply for anything yet.

I was thinking that it would be a ton of fun (besides the fact that it would be a great learning experience, and I may actually be able to do something useful) to do an internship in Washington. So I looked up websites of several conservative think tanks and checked out their internship programs. The one at the Heritage Foundation sounds really good, and it even pays a little bit and provides relatively inexpensive housing. So I looked over their application--and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't stand a chance. What book has most influenced my political thinking? I'm pretty sure I've never read a book related to politics (except the occasional textbook)--I'm not that into politics! I guess I could put the Bible and see what happens... =)

I think I'll be sticking with my original plan of working my tail off all semester and summer to save money for grad school. Assuming, of course, that I find another job... There's nothing unethical about signing up with several temp agencies, is there?


Becca said...

Go for the Heritage bit. Chances are, other applicants are in the same boat. Oh, and read something you can put on it first. David Shipler's _The Working Poor_ is a great book worth reading, but it doesn't always go over well with conservatives/libertarians. _Blinded by Might_ by Ed Dobson and Cal Thomas is super-easy to read and might help ease a little of the Bob Jones tinge your resume is likely to have. It's a quick read, easy to get, and, best of all, isn't really about politics! (I feel ya-I find politics sadly uninteresting and I majored in it!)

Of course, you could always just move to South Bend and find a job here so you can go ahead and get integrated into the community in preparation for going to law school here next fall... I hear the job market isn't bad at all.

mel said...

I wish I could do the Heritage Foundation, but I really need to find a job that will allow me to save some $$. The other catch w/ the Heritage Foundation is that applications are due Wednesday. I'd have to read a book, develop some political views (am I conservative or libertarian?), and beg some super-busy people to write me letters of recommendation in a big hurry! Thanks for the book suggestions, though--I may just read them anyway. :)

I think that for now, I'll keep looking for accounting/finance internships, and if that doesn't work, I'll have to resort to being a bank teller or something. (Even that pays better than retail! And a bank won't require me to buy new clothes every season!)