The Job Saga

Background info: Several months ago, I worked approximately 3 weeks for a temp agency, Company A. A month ago, I interviewed for an internship at Company B. I hadn't heard anything definite from Company B, but the voicemail messages resulting from my game of phone tag with the HR person sounded less than optimistic. As a result, a week ago I interviewed and took a bookkeeping test at a placement firm that specializes in accounting and finance positions--we'll call this organization Company C. Later, I learned that Company B had already filled the position for which I'd interviewed, but that they were trying to find another short-term position for me; the HR person told me that I would find something out from them today.

I got off work at 2 and saw that I had voicemail. I prayed, "Lord, please let me have a job!" before pressing the speed dial button. It wasn't Company B, as I had hoped; it was my contact at Company A, whom I had not heard from in months. She had a 2-week position that started tomorrow and wondered if I was interested. (I regretted not praying more specifically earlier; the Lord did provide a possible job, but not with the company I had hoped to hear from!) However, I couldn't take that job because of my current part-time work schedule.

Late this afternoon, my contact at Company C called. They too had a job for me. I explained that I was hoping to hear today from another company and that even if I am able to take the position found for me by Company C, I will not be able to start until next week (again, because of my current part-time work schedule). My contact there asked me to call her back tomorrow morning to let her know my decision.

After that conversation, I called the Company B and asked whether a decision had been reached yet. It hadn't. I explained that I had another offer, and the HR person promised to let me know by tomorrow whether Company B will be hiring me.

So, it sounds as if I may have a full-time job by tomorrow. I'm really praying that I will, because my other employer's new spring line has just come out, and there's a great suit (as well as some other items) that I'd love to get with my employee discount! But, alas, 10-15 hours/week at an hourly rate typical of a retail clerk is not exactly lucrative, and my employer's clothing is expensive, even with the discount!

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