The South Was Right?

I've plowed my way through the first two chapters of The South Was Right! by James and Walter Kennedy. They cite some very interesting facts (and seem to have actual sources for their evidence) about the two sides of the "War for Southern Independence." So far, I've learned that the "Yankees" have rewritten history to make the South look bad, and that the North was more evil than the South because of their involvement in the slave trade. (These are points with which I don't necessarily disagree, although I'd have to do a lot more research to find out whether they are entirely accurate as presented in The South Was Right! And I'm not all that excited about doing research in my semester off from school.)

Although this book has been interesting, reading it is quickly becoming a chore. The 80 pages I've read so far are full of caustic remarks about the "Yankees." The authors would have a lot more credibility in the eyes of their readers if they left out some of the sarcasm. They come across as rather childish, and their inflammatory statements almost suggest to the reader that a simple presentation of the facts would not be sufficient to support the authors' conclusions.

I'll post more on this topic if I decide to continue reading the book.

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