A woman came into my workplace today and asked if she could return an item her husband had given her for Christmas and repurchase it at its current (lower) price. We informed her that price adjustments are given only within a certain time frame (printed on the receipt) which was already past; she decided to return the item, allegedly because she thought it had been too expensive. (We delayed returning the item to its display so she could not immediately repurchase it.) (As a side note, the woman had almost two weeks after Christmas in which she could have received the price adjustment. She apparently thought it would be fun to wait an additional week before requesting the adjustment.)

An hour or two later, two teenage girls came into the store. I asked if I could help them, and one girl told me that they were looking for a specific item to buy their mom for her birthday. (Their mom, she said, had requested a specific item because the girls weren't good at picking out gifts for her.) The item they were looking for was identical to the item the woman had returned earlier--it was the same size and everything. (We had one on display for the girls to purchase, even without having put the returned item back.)

Does this sound like a bit too much of a coincidence to you?

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