Business and Law News

A few interesting items I've run across recently. (I couldn't fit these into my alliterated outline earlier.) ;-)

First, according to Yahoo!, H&R Block messed up its own taxes.
Talk about shooting yourself (or your business) in the foot!

Second, news I ran across on another blog (to which I will not link because I sort of wish to avoid having my blog listed on a site on which that particular blog is listed)... the RIAA claims copying CDs to iPods is unlawful. It's been a while since my Business Law days, and I'm a little fuzzy on the "fair use" concept. I don't seen any moral problem with buying your own copy of a CD and transferring the music to your iPod. But is it legal? (If I didn't need to go pack for camp, I'd try to research it a bit.)


Monica said...

Legal or not, a buddy of mine warned me that once you put your music on your iPod, you can't get it back off without paying for it again. That seems kind of screwy to me...

mel said...

Seriously? You're right; that sounds screwy.

Kind of makes me glad that I don't have an iPod. There's something to be said for being technologically backward! :)