Handkerchiefs and cloth diapers

There are some products that I don't understand. Handkerchiefs are one. Why would you want to save one of your bodily excretions in a flimsy scrap of cloth in your pocket--for further review? ("Hey, wanna see what came out my nose today?") (I am reminded of a Calvin and Hobbes comic I saw once; Calvin informs his mother that he is saving his snot for mucus transfusions. When she tells him that there is no such thing, he responds, "Oh. I have a jar for you to wash.")

I can think of a few possible arguments for using handkerchiefs rather than tissues. Handkerchiefs can be washed and reused, while tissues are (or should be!) disposed of after a single use. Does this save money? I'm guessing not much, but I really haven't compared the prices of handkerchiefs and tissues. I'm guessing that using handkerchiefs really doesn't save that many trees, either. Or much landfill space.

Similar arguments could be made for the use of cloth diapers, but with (in my opinion) better results. From what I've heard, disposable diapers can be quite expensive. I would also assume that they take up more landfill space and take longer to disintegrate than tissues do.

I don't think I'd be too excited about laundering either handkerchiefs or cloth diapers. Not that I'm expecting to have to do either anytime soon.

Why a post on this topic? Well, it was precipitated by my seeing some of my dad's handkerchiefs in the laundry and wondering why a person would want to use them. I'm not actually sure why I decided to share those thoughts with the world. Apparently I need a life. =)

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Becca said...

You know, I've often thought exactly the same thing. I mean, I'm all for being economical, but really, there are some things worth the money. Tissues is one of those. Whose idea was it to blow our noses on cloth, anyway!?