I'm employed!

I had an interview this morning. I didn't think it went terribly well--I actually came home and spent a little time online looking for temp jobs before heading out to my other (low-paying) job. But the HR person from that company called this afternoon and offered me a job!

I start Monday. I'll be filling in for a lady who's going on maternity leave in April, so I'll be working only part-time until then. But I'll still have my retail job to keep me busy until I go full-time. I'm supposed to work full-time for 12 weeks. I'll still have three or four weeks between the end of this job and the beginning of grad school, but I'll worry about that later. =)


Charis said...

Praise the Lord, Mel! What an encouraging answer to prayer. Isn't it exciting to have a God who is completely in control of things like that?

mel said...

Definitely! I've never really been in the position of having to sit and wait and wonder how God will provide, and it's a little scary, even though I know He does provide. It'll still be exciting to see how He provides for me while I'm in grad school!!!