Work, Weekend Plans, and Word Verification

As a proud graduate of a leading Fundamental institution of higher learning, I would like to point out that I have successfully developed an alliterated three-point outline for this blog post. However, I am not using eisegesis to support the points of my outline. I'll have to acquire the ability to do that before I'm ready for a pastoral ministry. (Just kidding!)

All right, moving on...


I'm still liking my new job. I messed up one thing yesterday because the person training me didn't tell me an important detail of a particular process. She's all right, I guess, but she's not my favorite person to work with. Just a few personality (and maturity, I think) issues. I really like the lady who's training me for the second part of my job, though. I'm pretty much convinced that she's a Christian. Pray for her family if you think about it--they're going through some rough times right now.

I've decided that working 10-hour days is a little rough. I've worked at both of my part-time jobs each of the last three days, and it's exhausting! It gives me even more respect for people who manage to work all day and still care for their families when they get home in the evenings.

Weekend Plans

I'm working at the Wilds this weekend, Lord willing! And, of all things, I'm going to be a children's worker. I don't know yet what age group I'll have, but I'm sure it'll be exciting. I'm planning to keep in mind a lesson I learned a couple summers ago while helping with the children's program of a family camp at a camp out west: schedule potty breaks for 4-year-olds--do not wait for them to tell you they have to go! (This is also known as the "That Puddle on the Floor Isn't Just Water" Lesson.)

Word Verification

I've decided to turn off the word verification feature for comments left on my blog. I moderate my comments anyway, so the word verification may be an unnecessary annoyance to those who wish to leave comments. (However, I will turn the word verification back on if excessive spam becomes an unnecessary annoyance to me.)


If I were really trying to be a preacher, I'd ramble on some more, repeating (and occasionally contradicting) the points I've already made until I'd completely lost the attention of my audience. I won't torment you all like that. =)

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily mean all of the seemingly critical comments directed toward Fundamentalism in this post.

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