I'm still alive!

Yes, I survived my weekend at camp. (That includes my brother's driving, the four two-year-olds and the one-year-old that I helped to supervise for three days, and my cabin-mates, who weren't really bad, for the most part.)

For those of you who are wondering, I wore only two of my four pairs of shoes--the flip-flops and the sneakers. (Incidentally, I wore the sneakers that I wore all summer at Ironwood; there is still sand working its way out of the shoes. But the Wilds has now been blessed because it has been sprinkled with authentic Ironwood sand. And I was quite glad to have worn the shoes that had been contaminated by potty water last summer, because I ended up cleaning probably a couple dozen toilets after the campers left on Sunday--I took over after the guy on our crew overflowed the first toilet he cleaned, and no, I don't know how he did it.)

Isn't it interesting how other people's immaturity brings out our own immaturity? Or maybe I'm the only one with that problem. One of the girls that I got to spend some time with over the weekend was a freshman, and, unfortunately, she acted like a freshman--or maybe like a junior higher. She seemed to enjoy "teasing," only her "teasing" was quite caustic at times, and she didn't always tease in a joking manner, if you know what I mean. I found myself responding in kind to her remarks, and I was surprised at how quickly my responses to her became very ungracious. I kept trying to remind myself that this was a great "ministry opportunity," but that didn't work for long. I think the whole experience was a good reminder to me of how sinful I am, and that I have to constantly depend on the Lord. (As a side note, I'm pretty sure I'd be a terrible camp counselor!)

Tonight was my last night for a while at my retail job, and it was quite a night. We had a customer acting rather strange; he came in and complained that mall security had thrown out his beverage--a Crown and Coke. He spent forever in the store, and he did buy quite a bit of stuff (and he didn't barf or pee in the fitting room, for which I was grateful), but he also made a rather inappropriate remark to the other girl who was working. And, unfortunately, he wasn't quite tipsy enough to buy everything I suggested to him! As I was ringing him up, he said, "You don't drink, do you?... Are you spiritual?" "I'm a Christian," I replied. He then asked if I was married, and told me about some family/marriage conference he went to that saved his marriage--he said that I should go to it before I get married, "If (I'm) as Christian as (I) say (I) am." He also told me that he had a 20-year-old son. (We were wondering whether the son knew that the father was wandering around the mall drunk, hitting on 20-year-old girls.) Finally, my manager called the store (from the checkout across the store) so I could answer the phone and get rid of the guy!

Yes, I'm going to be glad to spend my days making photocopies of IRS forms and typing numbers into spreadsheets...

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