On lacking a forehead

A certain alma mater of mine requires, among other things, that guys' hair be cut so that it is at least two finger-widths above the eyebrows in the front. This poses a problem for young men who are, tragically, lacking a forehead.

A friend of mine in high school was caught in haircheck because his bangs were "too long." I remember hearing him tell the story during band rehearsal one morning, exclaiming, "I have no forehead!" He was right. Cutting his bangs to the stipulated length would have required his shaving a half-inch strip from one temple to the other on the hairline directly above his forehead.

Another acquaintance of mine was recently caught in haircheck by a particularly vigilant hall leader. (Or RA, or whatever they're calling them these days.) He has the same problem: no forehead.

I believe this particular standard discriminates against young men who are, through no fault of their own, lacking a forehead. Perhaps one of my law-nerd friends could tell me whether the ADA addresses this particular "disability." ;-)

And, in order to provide comfort to any who has been cruelly denied his right to wear bangs of a reasonable length due to his lack of forehead: Never fear; perhaps someday your hairline will recede, and you too will have a forehead.

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Becca said...

We can add that to the petiion to include those who, through no fault of their own, have an amazingly long distance between their waists and their knees on the disability list. I sympathize with the discriminated.