How much did I really learn in college?

I've recently started doing a little bit of bookkeeping for a small business, by virtue of the fact that I'm related to the president of the corporation. Also, I took 27 hours (that's credit hours, not periods of 60 minutes) of accounting courses in college. So I should know what I'm doing, right?

Wrong. I'm feeling a little clueless right now. The first problem is that I'm attempting to teach myself Quickbooks, which was, apparently, designed for use by a non-accountant. I'm sure it would be great if I didn't have an accounting background. But since I do, Quickbooks is really irritating!

The other problem is that I seem to have forgotten quite a bit of what I learned in all those accounting classes I took. That sort of worries me; if I'm planning on a career as an accountant, shouldn't I remember some of this stuff? Well, I guess that's what the CPA exam is for--maybe I'll actually learn all that stuff after spending a couple hundred hours studying it! (In the meantime, though, I'm just hoping to survive two years of grad school without looking like a complete idiot and shaming my alma mater.)

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