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I thought that publishing the Collegian on a weekly rather than a biweekly basis was a bad idea. There's just not enough good material to fill the paper every week. (For that matter, there wasn't really enough material to put out an interesting paper every other week.) They did all right for a while, but the recent series of articles on shoes as well as the recent front page consisting of extensive articles on gum, the Foundation Brass concert, and the Wind Band concert convey a sense of desperation for material. (Generally, concerts other than Artist Series are fortunate to get a mention in the inner pages of the paper.)

BJU recently decided to stop selling Starbucks coffee in the Snack Shop. The Greenville News has an article about the situation today. It doesn't include any information about the alleged poor customer service the University received from the Starbucks corporate office.

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Bret said...

They should go with Seattle Drip coffee, a Christian coffee company whose coffee was rated MUCH higher than Starbucks on a national tasting test.

www.seattledrip.com... I think.